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Club members also get VIP access to virtual retreats, and you'll even get a 10% discount on any of our DBT specialty classes.

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With our 3-year package, you can join the CMTE Club and potentially meet your recertification requirements for not one, but two cycles!

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So whether you prefer a monthly plan, an annual subscription,

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*CMTE credits only. LCAT credits are only issued for classes purchased individually through the LCAT catalog.

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Q&A about the CMTE Club

Q Where do I access my classes?

A All the classes are in a class portal. You can select then anytime you want, to fit into your schedule

Q How long do I have access?

A As long as you're a member.

Q Can I cancel?

A The initial commitment for the monthly or annual option is for 12 months and the 3 year one, well is for 3 years. After that time you can choose to stay on either on a month to month basis 'til you are ready to cancel, or pay in advance for another year or three for the savings. You get to keep the low rate you started with even if prices go up in the catalog in the future.

Q Will I have enough time to finish them?

A Yes, you have no time limit as long as you are a member

Q Can I rewatch the same class again in the future and get credits again?

A Yes, if you can show that it will benefit your practice.

Q Can I get LCAT credits?

A: LCAT credits are not currently available in the CMTE Club. LCAT credits are only issued for classes purchased individually through the LCAT catalog

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  • Professional peer supervision group meetings for brainstorming ideas and problem solving

  • Connect with other music therapists, learn, and grow both personally and professionally.

  • Discount on DBT specialty classes

  • Access as long as you are a member

  • Your payment never goes up, locked in at current price.

Or You Can Take Individual Classes

Choose any class or classes from the wide range of topics in our catalog.

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